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Green Planet Travel was founded with the goal of offering affordable adventure tourism to hard to reach destinations worldwide and allowing travelers the option of visiting some of the least accessible regions in both China and Africa.

Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, “The Rooftop of Africa” is the centerpiece of one of Africa’s most ecologically diverse regions. A visit to the summit not only gives a person a sense of accomplishment they will take with them throughout life, it also allows them to view the rapidly diminishing glacier left there during the apex of the last ice age. Seven days on Kilimanjaro will change your life.

Mongol Ghost City: Ejina Basin

China’s desert beauty witnessed throughout its ancient Silk Road region gives the adventurer opportunities to follow in Marco Polo’s footsteps, to sleep in the ruins of deserted Mongol cities, admire Ming and Han sections of the Great Wall of China, and visit and view the sacred shrines in Gansu Province’s Dunhuang Area Caves, touted the world over as a great depository of ancient Buddhist art and staggering statuary. A visit to the vast emptiness of Inner Mongolia’s Megadune Sea lets the hardy trek through unmatched vistas, guided by Mongol nomads through the desert while your are on camelback, explore ancient lamaseries, swim in one of the ancient saltwater lakes that dot the region, climb onto the highest megadunes on Earth, sleep under breathtaking night skies and listen for the dunes to sign and groan and as the sands shift within. The Megadune Sea region is also sprinkled with Stone Age sites offering a look back 10,000 years of history, stone tools and microliths are scattered next to many of the lake sites you will camp out in your journey across the region.

Kilimanjaro Summit

Green Planet Travel wants to use these tours as a way of highlighting the delicate economic and environmental situations present on each of our tour zones. Desertification in China is one of the foremost crucibles facing a fast developing nation. Our principle China tour advisor Wei-Zu Gu has spent a lifetime researching and combating this growing and destructive phenomenon.  It has been estimated that 1/3 of China’s water resources is overexploited, mismanaged and misallocated causing the desertification process to greatly accelerate.

Every China tour booked will not only seek to educate the public at large, it will help develop greater knowledge from viewpoints worldwide and help accelerate further research into water reform  policy.

Mega Dune Sea – Inner Mongolia

In Tanzania poverty is a perennial problem; principal Kilimanjaro guide William G. Laizer an Arusha, Tanzania native, along with his German born wife Natalie have made it part of their life’s mission to omit the corporate middleman and offer local guide and porter services directly to the actual workers themselves. While no venture is free from overhead you will find GPT’s prices free from the staggering corporate mark-up traditional in adventure tourism in Africa.

Picture from Mogaoku Grottoes (National Geographic, June 2010)

You will find all involved with making Green Planet Travel a success willing to go to great lengths to make your tour experience one that you will never forget. We hope you look to us and understand we are trying to find a way of being Earth conscious as well socially responsible and still offer you adventure travel at a level that you will tell your friends about and return to again and again.

Gary Audas
Green Planet Travel